Apple Music
Apple Music will be available on Apple devices and PC from 11am EST on Tuesday and for Android in the fall. Apple

Apple is aiming to increase the amount of songs users can upload to their Apple Music account for personal streaming when iOS 9 launches, Eddy Cue revealed in a tweet. From launch, customers who want to stream a song not available on Apple Music will be able to upload their own copies if they already own it, but this will be limited to 25,000 songs. Apple is hoping to quadruple this limit with iOS 9's fall release.

The uploading option works similarly to the iTunes Match service, where users can store their music in the cloud. Both iTunes Match and Apple Music scan songs and provide Apple-provided versions for streaming where available. While iTunes Match checks for copies from the iTunes store, Apple Music checks its own selection, meaning users who want to play songs not available for streaming will have to upload their own copies.

The matching system will, however, mean users won't need to hunt around Apple Music looking for their existing library. Songs the system cannot match are uploaded to iCloud in both cases. Since its 2011 launch iTunes Match has been limited to 25,000 songs, either through uploading or matching.

The updated limit would beat Google’s offering, with its Play Music service capping the peak song amount at 50,000. Cue’s tweet, however, suggests the raised limit may not be a certainty at this point. Cue also revealed that the iOS 9 developer betas will be updated to support Apple Music when it launches tomorrow.