• Apple is now selling refurbished 2020 MacBook Air units
  • These are the first M1-powered Macs to be sold under the Refurbished category
  • They are at least $150 cheaper than brand new models

Those looking to get a new M1-powered MacBook model for less will be glad to know that Apple is currently selling refurbished M1 MacBook Air units that are significantly cheaper than brand-new models.

Less than a month ago, Apple started selling refurbished 2020 iMacs: powerful desktop workstations that still run on Intel’s chips. Now, the Cupertino tech giant is selling refurbished 2020 MacBook Air units – the first M1 chip-powered MacBooks to be sold under this category.

Refurbished M1 MacBook Air units offer the same specs and features as that of brand-new M1 MacBook Air models. The only major difference is that they are not brand-new, but they sell at a significantly lower price. While brand-new models start at $999, refurbished M1 MacBook Air units are priced starting at $849.

Apple MacBook Air
Apple MacBook Air Apple

The $150 savings could go toward other things users might want to buy, like accessories (a Magic Mouse 2 sells for $99 and an Incase protective case for the 2020 MacBook Air costs $49.99, for example) or other things not related to the MacBook Air they just purchased (a Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich, for example, costs $3.75 per sandwich. Yum!).

Why get a refurbished 2020 MacBook Air?

There are many reasons to get a refurbished 2020 MacBook Air. Here are some of them:

  • The same performance

Refurbished units have the same specs and features as brand-new models. Refurbished 2020 MacBook Air units are powered by the same M1 chip powering brand-new units, have the same storage and memory allocations, have the same GPUs and so on.

  • They are Apple-tested and certified

Apple carefully inspects every unit sent to refurbishing for damages and issues, then cleans and repairs them using Apple-certified parts and components. The company then ensures that they run and perform well, as if they are brand-new units. The company also installs the operating system the device had at launch or even newer versions.

  • They come in brand-new packaging

Refurbished units not only look and perform like new, but they also come in new packaging that makes it very difficult to tell whether the device is refurbished or not. The device comes with basic accessories such as a 30W USB-C Power Adapter and a 2-meter-long USB-C Charge Cable.

  • They come with a warranty

Best of all, refurbished 2020 MacBook Air units come with a one-year limited warranty and are covered by Apple’s 14-day returns policy. What’s more, buyers can also purchase an AppleCare product for the device as well.