iPod Reuters

Soon it will be Oct 4 and the Apple 'Let's Talk iPhone' event will roll out...well, that's the fun of all this lead up to the annual release party; we don't really know. Whether or not Apple decides to show off their next iteration of iPhone, aka iPhone 5, or simply a souped up iPhone 4 is really not known yet. But either way, there could be another announcement music lovers will be very interested in.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog leaked, via a purported inside source, Apple may announce the discontinuation of the classic iPod. The non-touch version that some still carry around. It's an absolute success story because after almost 10 years, the fact that so many still function shows why Apple has a big target on their back from other tech companies.

Another Web site called 9to5mac, reported there are also three new iPods in the making. White ones. With touchcreens. That's the news from iPod land, but it has some speculating that even the iPod shuffle could get the axe because it too does not have a touchscreen. That would leave a small army of iPod touches and of course the iPod nano that has a niche market of active users. (Like going to the gym) PC World also added the iPod Touch may be getting the iOS upgrade.