When Apple introduced its 2018 lineup of iPad Pros, it also grabbed the chance to show off its all new stylus, aptly called Apple Pencil 2. The peripheral may sport most of the same features its predecessor has, but it definitely brings something to the table that makes it a worthy upgrade. 

Design-wise, the Apple Pencil 2 has a more modern form factor than the first-generation stylus. It has a matte finish, it’s thinner and it has one flat side for an easy grip. The removal of the Lightning connector and the end cap also makes the new stylus shorter and more distinct. 

Apart from the difference in design, the Apple Pencil 2 just delivers better user experience than the original model. For instance, users no longer need to insert the Lightning connector of the stylus to charge its battery. The new model has a a different charging system that makes use of magnetic technology. 

Users only need to bring the Apple Pencil 2 to the side of the iPad Pro, and it magnetically latches on to the cutout for wireless charging. This brings up a notification that confirms the wireless charging connection between the accessory and the tablet. This notification will also show the percentage of the Apple Pencil 2’s battery.

Another standout feature of the new iPad Pro stylus is the new double-tap gesture. By tapping anywhere near the front-end of the Apple Pencil 2 with a finger, the iPad will automatically switch from pencil to the eraser tool. The feature can also be customized via the Apple Pencil settings, so it would be easier to switch to the color palette and other tools. 

The biggest reason for upgrading from the original to the all-new stylus model is compatibility. As mentioned before, the Apple Pencil 2 magnetically connects to the side cutout of the tablet. It’s important to point out that only the 2018 iPad Pros have this feature, as per AppleInsider

The Apple Pencil 2 does not work with older-generation iOS tablets. Similarly, the original Apple Pencil does not work with the newer iPads. Thus, the only reason why you shouldn’t upgrade to the Apple Pencil 2 is if you are still using 2017 tablet models and older. But moving forward, it seems Apple will only bring support for the new stylus to upcoming tablets.