Apple (AAPL) plans to debut its self-driving car in 2025, according to a Bloomberg News report released Thursday citing sources familiar with the matter.

This would not be a vehicle with semi-autonomous features. According to the report, Apple aims to have a hands-off driving design with no steering wheel or pedals. Known as Project Titan, the tech company started on the journey to self-driving cars in 2014 by designing a vehicle from scratch.

Rivals in the auto-making industry look to create cars that are semi-autonomous or electric, both of which use less fuel and, therefore, are more carbon-neutral or green. The race towards greener technology is speeding up because of the goals of governments around the world to lower their carbon footprint.

The car would also have passenger lounge-like seating and an infotainment system, a mix of news and entertainment. A big concern with self-driving cars is safety, so there is also an emergency takeover system in the works, according to the sources.

In response to the news, shares in the iPhone maker rose 3%, hitting a record, according to Reuters. However, Apple has not commented to confirm or deny the report about their plans. Self-driving cars are tricky given the number of variables a system has to take into account like traffic, weather, obstacles, lighting or lack of it, road conditions, and more.

Apple also recently announced that users of its products like the iPhone will be able to self-repair.