A Florida man has set a new Guinness record Wednesday by jumping consecutively over five cars on a pogo stick. A jaw-dropping video featuring 21-year-old Tyler Philips bouncing over the five black iconic London cabs setting the new world record in London has gone viral on social media.

An extreme pogo jumper from the US XPOGO Team, Philip has earned the title of ‘Most Consecutive Cars Jumped Over on a Pogo Stick’ at the 18th  Guinness World Record Day conducted in Olympic Park, London. 

Philips broke the record of his teammate Dalton Smith who was lined up for the challenge but could not participate as he broke his ankle before the event. The video of his feat was shared by Guinness World Records on Instagram and has received more than 200,000 views within a day. 

"Wow, I am so stoked that I was able to break this record — I really wanted this for a long time, and it was pretty crazy being there this morning actually seeing the cars lined up when it finally felt real," Philip said after his outstanding performance.

 To practice for the event, Philip had to set up pogo sticks figuring out the width of the cars. The black cabs used for the challenge are 2m high and 1.6m wide.

 Philip felt the performance was more of "a mental challenge" where he had to really "focus and control" his jumps. "Training for this record was way harder than actually doing it," he admitted.

"It was an absolute thrill to watch Tyler in action – the height he can reach is astounding, and a powerful demonstration of his total mastery of the pogo stick," Craig Glenday, Editor in Chief of the Guinness World Records Book, said.

Philip enthralled his audience by jumping, doing backflips and striking incredible poses mid-air. The video has received several remarkable comments from the audience who were amused at the ease at which he handled the jumps. 

"He could’ve kept going," a viewer commented. "you should have kept going, this was easy work," another said.

cab-g0fe10faf5_640 representational image Photo: pixabay