Apple is tipped to release newer versions of the HomePod and AirPods next year.

According to Bloomberg, while Cupertino is working on releasing new iPhones, iPads and and a new MacBook Pro model this year, it is also working on new HomePod and AirPod versions that will be released in 2020. Here’s a quick overview of what Apple could be planning to do with the said devices.


While Apple did a great job with its Apple Watch, it didn’t do so well with its smart home speaker, the HomePod.

Earlier reports reveal that the HomePod is only able to “grab a little share” in the market compared to other speakers. Most U.S. homes that have smart home speakers have Amazon Echo models (70%) or Google Home speakers (24%). Only five percent of U.S. homes with a smart speaker use a HomePod.

The HomePod’s $299 selling price placed it at a disadvantage against the aforementioned competitors. Both the Echo and Google Home have models that sell for as low as $50. Bloomberg reported that Apple is working on a cheaper model so that it will have a greater chance at selling more units.

Cupertino is said to be working on a HomePod model that has fewer speakers compared to the one in the market. The current model has seven tweeters (speakers); Apple plans to put only two in the cheaper model.


Apple is also believed to be working on a new AirPods version that has more features. This new pair of truly wireless headphones is expected to have water resistance, making it suitable for use even when working out; and is also expected to have noise-canceling capabilities, a feature that has been rumored for some time now.

Analysts from Wedbush previously said Apple could release a version that’s waterproof, not just water resistant. Since Wedbush and Bloomberg’s claims don’t seem to corroborate each other, it will be best to wait for Cupertino to announce something about it instead.

Previous reports citing industry sources revealed that Cupertino is planning on equipping a new AirPods model with noise cancelation, but needs to find a way to make it last long before needing a charge.

Pictured: A Customer inspects the new Apple HomePod at an Apple Store in San Francisco, California, Feb. 9, 2018. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images