The Cupertino-based tech giant is reportedly focusing on overhauling its system in developing and testing iOS software. Apple recently unveiled internal changes that involve using software flags in daily builds of its proprietary mobile software to try to provide stability in its future releases. The flags will enable Apple developers to integrate changes to beta versions of iOS 14 that internal testers could switch on so Apple can further isolate any bad code.

This is the same process that Microsoft, Google, and several other tech giants are using to isolate and test changes in Windows, Chromium, and other software products. The Cupertino-based tech giant is currently overhauling its system of testing all of its software, according to Bloomberg. This includes macOS updates because Apple iOS 13 was a buggy mess since it was introduced back in Sept. 2019.

Apple Senior Director of Product Marketing Kaiann Drance speaks onstage about the iPhone 11's cameras
Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes Chinese consumers prefer the iPhone 11 because of its aggressive pricing. (Apple Senior Director of Product Marketing Kaiann Drance speaks onstage about the iPhone 11's cameras during a product launch event at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California) AFP / Josh Edelson

In just a couple of months, Apple released eight updates to IOS 13 to resolve a wide range of issues. This includes visual glitches, crashing apps, missing features, and unfinished areas of dark mode, to name a few. Reports claim that Apple considers iOS 13.1 update as the actual public release considering the performance of iOS 13.

While it is not yet clear what Apple will include in iOS 14, the development is clearly underway to resolve issues concerning the stability of the mobile operating system of the Cupertino-based tech giant. Hopefully, the public beta version of Apple iOS 14 will be far more stable compared to what users have experienced in iOS 13. this is not the first time that the company focused on performance, bugs, and stability of the iOS.

The Apple iOS 12 also focused on making things within the Apple mobile operating system work instead of introducing new and exciting features. But, until now, Apple has the habit of not separating major iOS releases from a new iPhone handset. Each year a new iPhone launches with a new iOS update, and it gives consumers the feeling that the features and the OS have been hastily developed to make it in time to the latest devices.

Apple has not yet disclosed when it is releasing the beta version of Apple iOS 14.