Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in Cupertino, California, on June 5, 2023


  • The iPhone maker has built its own AI framework known internally as "Ajax"
  • Apple does not have a solid plan on how to release the new AI technology to the public
  • Apple previously posted job ads for experts in generative AI

Apple is reportedly developing its own version of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence tool developed by OpenAI.

The iPhone maker has begun building its framework with the goal of making large language models similar to those offered by ChatGPT and Google's Bard. The framework, known internally as "Ajax," was built using Google JAX, the search giant's machine learning framework.

With the foundation, Apple engineers are also building what they call "Apple GPT," a chatbot service similar to ChatGPT, Bloomberg News reported, citing sources with knowledge of the effort.

Sources who spoke with the outlet noted that Apple does not have a solid plan on how to release the new technology to the public but said significant AI announcements may come out next year. They also noted that very limited people have access to the chatbot and that any output from the tool could not be used to develop features for customers.

International Business Times could not independently verify Apple's AI project.

However, the news comes after the company posted at least a dozen job ads on its career page seeking potential experts in generative AI. The job ads first appeared on the company's website on April 27, according to TechCrunch.

"A.I. represents a huge opportunity to elevate Apple's products and experiences for billions of people globally. You will be leveraging innovative Generative models to build fundamental applications on top of Apple's most advanced technologies, while developing your expertise in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)," one job post, which has since been deleted, read, per Fortune.

Apple has yet to release any products using generative AI. So far, its most famous AI system is the voice assistant Siri. It has, however, used machine learning systems in its products for features such as fall detection and heart monitoring.

Apple has also previously been reported to be working on a new coaching service, "Quartz," an AI-powered initiative that tracks emotions and helps keep users motivated to exercise and improve eating habits. It is unclear when exactly the new coaching service will roll out.

Smartphone titan Apple reported profit of $24 billion on revenue of $94.8 billion in the first three months of 2023