• Apple is working on new desktop computers for release this year, a report says
  • These include a redesigned iMac and two new Mac Pro desktops
  • The report says the company is also working on a new external display

Apple is working on new Macs slated for release this year, a report says. These new computers – which include a new iMac and two new Mac Pros – are expected to be better than the existing devices the company has.

Apple is planning to redesign the iMac and produce two new high-end Mac Pro desktop devices for the year, Bloomberg reported. The new devices will feature the iPhone maker’s own silicon as part of its move away from reliance on chipmaker Intel.

The redesigned iMac all-in-one desktop device is said to feature slimmer bezels than ever and will look almost similar to the Pro Display XDR released for the Mac Pro last year. The new iMacs will have a flat back as opposed to the curved back in older models.

There will be two versions of the said redesigned iMac, codenamed J456 and J457, replacing the 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac currently available in the market. Both will feature Arm-based Apple silicon, although it’s currently unclear if it will be the M1 chip powering the latest MacBooks or a totally new processor, such as the 32-core processor earlier reports talked about.

Next, as mentioned, Apple is also working on two new high-end Mac Pro desktops.

One of these will directly succeed the existing Mac Pro, which is known for its quirky cheese grater design aside from its powerful innards and pricey wheels, the report said. Bloomberg’s source, which refused to be named, said there are discussions about using Intel processors for this model rather than Apple's own chips.

The other model, on the other hand, might feature Apple’s in-house chip instead of Intel’s, the report said. This model will be smaller than the new Mac Pro – possibly even about half the size – and will have a design reminiscent of the Power Mac G4 Cube, which is a smaller version of the Mac Pro’s earlier iteration known as the Power Mac. Earlier reports talked about this half-sized, “compact” Mac Pro.

Bloomberg also said Apple is developing a new external display that will have a lower price compared to the Pro Display XDR. This will be sold alongside its pricier counterpart and will come as a more affordable, more prudent choice for power workers on a budget.

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