Apple finally has an answer to the freezing problem of Mac devices running OS X El Capitan. The Cupertino giant is currently rolling out the supplemental security update that will fix the kernel issue and restore the seamless user experience of MacBooks and Mac devices once again. 

On Tuesday, Apple issued the new security update for OS X 10.11.6 via the Mac App Store and other Apple support pages. The supplemental software update is clocking in at 623.9 megabytes, and it is free to download, as per AppleInsider

The supplemental security update is available for Mac devices that are running OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan with Security Update 2016-003 installed. The aforesaid security update, which weighed in at 717 megabytes, was launched last month alongside macOS Sierra 10.12.2. 

The new security update is just a re-release of the 2016-003 version. Thus, users who didn’t install the security update last Dec. 13 will automatically receive the improved version for their machines. On the other hand, devices with the 2016-003 update installed will simply get the supplemental update that has the cure for the freezing problem, according to MacRumors

“The OS X El Capitan Security Update 2016-003 Supplemental Update fixes a kernel issue that may cause your Mac to occasionally become responsive,” the note that came with the update read. 

To download the update, one should visit the Mac App Store and tap the Software Update to launch the mechanism that would automatically retrieve the file and install it. Direct download links are also provided for users through the Standard Update support page and the Supplemental Update support page

It isn’t clear if the new security update also comes with other features or bug fixes. Apple is providing the detailed release notes soon.