Apple has changed its strategy for iOS 12, but Macs will still get iOS apps later this year. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

It’s been reported recently that Apple is planning to shift its software strategy with the release of iOS 12 this year by focusing more on stability and performance instead of new features. However, it looks like the tech giant is still planning to let iOS apps run on Macs later this year.

It was reported yesterday that Apple will be delaying some of the new major features of iOS 12 to 2019, which includes a refresh of the Home screen and CarPlay. Axios reporter Ina Fried, who also broke the news yesterday, now says that Apple is still on track to let iPad apps to run on Macs despite of the company’s shift in software strategy.

Although consumers would enjoy stability and performance improvements, they also tend to but new products based on features. This is why Apple is still adamant to bring iPad apps to Mac computers later this year. Fried suggested in her reports that iPad apps would be able to run natively on macOS.

“The signature new feature for the Mac — the ability to run iPad apps — is a significant undertaking that adds a high degree of complexity to this year’s OS release,” Fried wrote.

Back in December, it was reported by Bloomberg that Apple will let developers create a single app that can run on iOS devices and macOS computers. The new project has been dubbed as “Marzipan” and is intended to bring new life to the Mac App Store, which has been criticized for lack of options and outdated apps. It remains unclear how iOS apps will run on Mac computers. MacRumors speculates that Apple may release a new SDK with new APIs to enable cross-platform compatibility for these apps.

Aside from running iOS apps, Apple is also determined to deliver “a new project” that focuses on security for macOS. The report also claimed that the next major release of macOS, presumably macOS 10.14, will introduce improvements in performance, particularly when waking and unlocking a Mac computer. Details are scant at the moment, but it looks like Apple isn’t taking too much of a conservative approach to its next major macOS update compared to iOS 12.

If Apple plans on sticking to its typical schedule, both iOS 12 and macOS 13.14 should be officially announced during the annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), which usually takes place in June. If that’s the case, both software updates should become available as a free upgrade sometime in September to coincide with the launch of the 2018 iPhones. It's very likely that Apple will offically announce project Marzipan during WWDC.