Apple and Samsung are now faced with a lawsuit due to their cancer-causing radiation emission.

Apple and Samsung are now facing a class-action lawsuit for their alleged risk of cancer. The complaint stated that the two tech giants exposed their alleged victims 500 times more than the allowable federal limit.

As per the FCC, Federal Communications Commission, a certain amount of radiation emission absorption rate is allowed per device. The Special Absorption Rate is measured in watts of energy absorbed per kilogram of body tissue (W/kg). Through this, the government is able to measure if the device is within allowable radiation emission or is at the rate of posing a serious risk to Apple products, Samsung products and other radiation-emitting devices.

The FCC released a standard measurement for U.S. citizens to follow in checking the amount of radiation emitted and absorbed by the human body. America can exceed the 1.6 W/kg much lower compared to that of Europe which is 2 W/kg.

The lawsuit stated that Apple and Samsung’s devices are emitting more radiation than what is tolerable by the body. After Chicago Tribune investigation, the Apple and Samsung devices iPhone 8, iPhone X and Galaxy S8 surfaced as the types that emit more radiation bringing in the risk of genetic damages, cellular stress, increased risk cancer risk and neurological encounter.

As of the moment, none of the Apple and Samsung users were able to claim that they have had any form of physical problems due to the radiation emission. Instead, the ones filing the cases to our two tech giants admit that they are filing a case against the teachers for making them purchase items that could pose a serious risk to them.

Meanwhile, 5G cell infrastructures also put the health of users at risk. 5G cell towers use shorter radio waves that will require the presence of more cell sites as each site can only provide limited coverage.

Dr. Martin Paul, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry at Washington State University said that 5G is indeed a threat to the public. He also specified some known illness that could accompany the 5G presence, reproductive damage, cardiac effects and oxidative stress, which can be accelerated.