Apple has always been known to be the most secure system for computers in terms of keeping files. As part of its customer service, official Apple stores can do the data transfer for its users for a hundred dollars. However, this service has now been made free, and here’s how to avail it.

According to Engadget, the data transfer service is now free when you buy a new Mac computer or bring one in for repairs. Previously, this service cost $99 for Apple devices which is nearly the same price as the AirPods that retail for $159.

Before this service was available, users would need a thunderbolt cable or ethernet cord to send files to the new device if they wanted to do it offline. For the online route, users would need iCloud and Migration assistant to make the transfer on their own. While these routes were free, nothing would protect your files if problems occur during the transfer.

Since the process is now free, Apple owners can approach official stores for the data transfer. Apple has always been known for data security against viruses, malware and other malicious programs as your files can’t easily enter the Mac systems. For maximum security, letting Apple handle the transfer is a good idea as the data is assured to be sent safely.

In a way, this is in line with Apple’s new commitment to improving services. In the first quarter of this year, Apple’s focus has never been more apparent as they announced improvements to their existing services and introduced new subscription services too.

Potentially, the removal of the data transfer fee for Apple’s devices might be one of its moves to further push itself as a service-focused company.

In other news, Apple is also planning to release some new devices this 2019. Later this year, the next generation of AirPods and a new set of iMac will be revealed and introduced to the public.

If the free data transfer is still available, switching to the latest Apple computer and device would be a much easier process.

An iMac pro shown in an Apple store.
An iMac pro shown in an Apple store/gettyimages gettyimages