Apple has revealed the full range of prices for the upcoming Apple Watch, and on the high-end, there are two versions of the "Apple Watch Edition" that qualify as the most expensive products ever sold by the Cupertino, California, company. The sticker price? $17,000.

The two versions in question are the 38mm 18-karat yellow gold version of the device with a red buckle and the 38mm 18-karat rose gold version, which features a rose gray buckle. These two are the most expensive versions of Apple's new product, but several other versions of the Apple Watch carry a five-figure price tag. The least expensive versions of the high-end Apple Watch devices cost $10,000. 

Previously, 1983's Apple Lisa was Apple's most expensive product ever sold with a price of $9,995, Forbes reported. The Apple Watch Edition is more expensive, but when adjusted for inflation, the Apple Lisa still takes the cake. It would be worth nearly $23,500 in today's dollars. It should come as no surprise that the Apple Lisa was a commercial failure. 

These days, only one of Apple's computers comes close to that price. If you choose the most powerful components available for the Mac Pro, the computer retails for $9,599. 

The Apple Watch will go on sale April 24 with the base models starting at $349. The device will be available for pre-order starting April 10.