Apple Watch partner and luxury brand Hermes listed some Apple Watch bands as for the “Series 5” models, a report claims.

A quick search for “Series 5” on the Hermes website revealed that the fashion and luxury company has listed three entries for the Apple Watch “Series 5,” 9To5Mac reported. The listings have been since deleted from the website.

The report said three bands listed for the Apple Watch Series 5 include the Single Tour Etoupe bracelet, the Single Tour deployment buckle bracelet, and the Single Tour fauve bracelet. A screenshot over on 9To5Mac reveals that the three bands listed come in 44mm sizes.

9To5Mac noted that the Etoupe band is out of stock in the Apple Store when the listing was discovered. Whether this means Hermes is indeed preparing for a Series 5 or not remains to be seen, though images on Hermes’ page show that the band is attached to an Apple Watch Series 4 and not a Series 5.

Could it be a mistake?

Previous reports indicated that while new Apple Watch models were discovered, it remains unclear as to whether they mean that a Series 5 is coming, or that the Series 4 is receiving improvements.

Earlier, a Brazilian blog discovered through looking at some assets stored within watchOS 6’s beta code that Apple is working on a Ceramic and Titanium version of the Apple Watch.

Cupertino previously released ceramic Apple Watch models, but opted not to release the Series 4 in a ceramic body. The discovery, then, could be an indicator that Apple is working on improving its highly acclaimed Series 4 lineup. An Apple Watch model in titanium, on the other hand, is something new for the product line. This discovery might mean it’s for a Series 5, or an addition to the Series 4 lineup.

That said, it’s very likely that Hermes could’ve simply made a mistake in listing some Apple Watch bands as for the Series 5. It is possible that the luxury brand doesn’t know what names Apple give to its health-centric wearable, and has listed those bands as placeholders for future Apple Watch models.

Apple Watch Hermes Edition 1 Hermes listed three bands for the Apple Watch Series 5 in its website by mistake, a report believes. Photo: Hermes