Apple fans who are eagerly expecting the release date of the Apple Watch Series 5 can expect the announcement by September. Meanwhile, rumors of the upcoming iteration revealed that it will be faster than its predecessor, and the expectation is for the company to fix the falling battery life problem that seems to have become a trend in this line of products.

According to the leaks and rumors of the Apple Watch Series 5 compiled by MacWorld, the design of the product is expected to be more or less the same as the previous versions. The changes are expected to be mostly internal.

The biggest upgrade Series 5 will reportedly get is the S5 processor chip. This new chip upgrade is theoretically expected to increase the speed of the watch. However, readers who are currently using the Series 4 may not notice a big difference in speed because the current iteration is capable of running all the apps without any problems. The upgrade, however, will help in future-proofing the product for some time.

The one problem that Apple may need to look at is the falling battery performance in its watches. With the performance upgrades in each new iteration, there has be an inevitable fall in the battery life. It remains to be seen if there have been enough innovations in this category for the company to help increase the battery life.

What is expected to remain the same in Apple Watch Series 5 is the memory option and screen resolution. The device is expected to come in the standard 16GB option, and it would be a surprise if they can improve the screen sharpness from the current 326ppi.

According to Pocket-Lint, the next iteration is expected to focus more on health and fitness features. There may be a few running functions, like cadence tracking, that could take on other competitors in the market.

Apple Watch
The Apple Watch Series 5 may be faster due to a new chip. In Picture: General view of the Apple Watch during the Apple Covent Garden re-opening and iPhone XR launch at Apple store, Covent Garden on October 26, 2018 in London, England. Getty Images/Stuart C. Wilson

One remote possibility is that Apple will allow third party support for “watch faces” and “camera and FaceID.” However, there may be a problem of space for the sensors for these features to be added.

According to a report by T3, the Apple Watch Series 5 may come with a strap that can change color to match the user’s dress. This idea comes from a patent that the company recently obtained. This innovation is achieved through light fiber and LED. The change in color of the fiber is achieved through the change in the LED light.