Apple is said to be working on a sleep tracking feature with its Apple Watch device. After acquiring a company that makes such an app, the company is apparently close to releasing this soon. However, when will Apple announce this new feature?

The company has just acquired Beddit, the company that made the Sleep Monitor gadget along with a dedicated app. While Apple has the resource to make their own Sleep Monitor, it’s said that the company will opt to introduce a new “Sleep Tracking” feature with the Apple Watch Series 5 soon. It's yet to be confirmed if the app will be available for the smart watch's earlier iterations.

The introduction of this Sleep tracking app is said to coincide with the announcement of new Apple devices this September. However, Apple has yet to officially announce a new device for release this September.

The app is currently called as “Burrito” within the company and works while the user is sleeping while wearing the Apple Watch. The smartwatch would start tracking the wearer’s sleep through their movement, heart rate, and the noises they make. The Apple Health app and new Sleep app would be working together in gathering and explaining the data to the users.

Aside from health tracking, the Sleep Tracking app also has other features. For some owners, it’s a practice to charge their devices up while sleeping. However, it’s not advisable to use the Sleep Tracking app while plugged in. To prevent this, the Apple Watch can remind its users to charge it before using it in their sleep.

The Apple Watch Sleep Tracking app also now works as a smart alarm clock. If linked with an iPhone, the smartphone would be a backup alarm clock for the app. Some of its alarm clock features are its smart system where the alarm clock disables itself if the user wakes up earlier. Another one is a silent alarm where the Apple Watch vibrates to wake the user up instead of letting out a loud sound.

For now, Apple’s fans will have to wait if Apple truly does reveal this new app. The company has been focused on announcing new services and subscriptions as of late. This new Sleep Tracking feature is not one of them.

CEO Tim Cook is pictured introducing the iPhone 4s in 2011. GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/KEVORK DJANSEZIAN