• Apple is expected to announce new devices soon
  • A leaker claims that the new Apple Watch will not be announced this month
  • The claim contradicts earlier leaks from other prominent tipsters

Apple will not be announcing the new Apple Watch Series 6 this month, a noted leaker claims.

L0vetodream recently posted a tweet that seemed to contradict every other claim others have been making about the Apple Watch in the past weeks.

“[T]here is no Watch this month,” the leaker wrote, suggesting that Apple's popular health-centered wearable will not be unveiled in the next few weeks.

Varying claims

Of course, it's entirely possible that the leaker could be wrong. The tipster didn't mention “Apple” along with “Watch,” indicating that this device could be a wearable device from another company.

The timing of the new rumor seems suspect, however, since various leakers have made claims about Cupertino's plans regarding its health-centered device.

Frontpage Tech's Jon Prosser, for example, claimed that the Apple Watch might be announced along with new iPads via a press release in the week of Sept. 7.

Prosser, known for his accuracy when it comes to release dates, stands by his claim and adds to say that “something” will be happening on Apple's website on Sept. 8, specifically “between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. EST.”

Another Twitter leaker named Komiya also tweeted that a “new Apple Watch” will be announced on Sept. 9 and will be available for the public starting Sept. 11. The leaker followed this up with another tweet clarifying that the new wearable's drop date could either be Sept. 11 or Sept. 18.

Other sites like Japanese blog MacOtakara, on the other hand, claimed that the Apple Watch Series 6 might be released next month alongside other devices, such as the new iPhone 12 series and the highly anticipated AirTags tracker.

That said, these leaks should be taken with a grain of salt. But it will be interesting to see how and when will Apple announce the new Apple Watch model.


While the Apple Watch Series 6's release date remains unknown at the moment, fans can expect that it will come with new and improved features that are better than the Series 5. Some of these might include new health features such as blood oxygen monitoring and improved performance and battery life.

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