• Apple is expected to release the Apple Watch Series 6 soon
  • The device will feature the best that Apple has to offer in a smartwatch
  • The new wearable may offer more health features such as blood oxygen monitoring and stress monitoring capabilities

Apple may launch the new Apple Watch Series 6 alongside a new iPad this month and is expected to come equipped with new features and improved performance.

While the launch date isn't official information coming from the Cupertino tech giant, noted leaker Jon Prosser's sources revealed that a new Apple Watch and iPad would be announced via a press release the week of Sept. 7. If Prosser's leak proves accurate, this would be the first time that the wearable will not be launched alongside the new iPhones.

Release dates aside, here are some of the things that fans should look forward to from the new Apple Watch Series 6.

Blood oxygen monitoring

The Apple Watch Series 6 is believed to feature blood oxygen monitoring capabilities designed to give users a better overall picture of their health.

While older Apple Watches already had the components necessary for the feature, Apple wasn't able to acquire the necessary approvals to be allowed to enable it. A teardown of the first-generation Apple Watch revealed that Apple had already placed a sensor capable of measuring blood oxygen levels inside the device.

The company, however, may be able to turn the feature on real soon.

Bigger battery

Previously reported certifications revealed that Apple was working on three different battery sizes for the Apple Watch. The largest of these was a 303.8 mAh battery, which is slightly larger than the 296 mAh battery inside the Series 5 models.

The difference might not be very significant, but other improvements could result in longer battery life.

Improved performance

With every new generation of Apple Watches comes improved overall performance. This time, fans can expect the Series 6 to be better than the currently existing models in a number of areas, including general performance and water-resistance.

The Series 6 is also expected to come with improved support for LTE and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.

Stress monitoring

Previous leaks claimed that Apple was working on turning the Apple Watch into a “complete all-in-one suite for both physical and mental health.” The Watch Series 6 could come with stress monitoring features designed to detect if a user is experiencing panic or anxiety attacks, then help them manage and recover from it by providing guidance and breathing instructions.

XDA Developers' Max Weinbach clarified that while these are plans that Apple wants to implement, this feature might arrive not arrive anytime soon.