• The Apple Watch Series 6 is said to feature MicroLED displays
  • A leaker with somewhat accurate track record says it won't
  • The Series 6 will feature OLED panels, the leaker said

Recent rumors about the Apple Watch Series 6 claim that it will have a new kind of display called MicroLED, along with other enhancements. A leak from an anonymous leaker of details about Apple's products, however, reveals that it won't feature the new component.

According to a Twitter tipster named @L0vetodream, the “Apple Watch [Series 6] will continue [to] use the display from JDI.” The leaker did not indicate what display this is, but it's an OLED panel, MacRumors reported.

JDI, along with other suppliers, has supplied Apple with OLED panels for use in its Apple Watch models, MacRumors noted. JDI, however, has seen a steady increase in the volume of display orders. It has also enjoyed a $200 million investment from Cupertino so that it can produce more OLED display units for the tech giant.

@L0vetodream might be an anonymous leaker, but it has been proven somewhat accurate in recent times. It accurately predicted some iPhone SE details before other leakers could (including storage capacities and release dates), and also made some accurate claims about the new iPad Pro' release date, particularly within the third week of March.

Other known leakers and tipsters have also given weight to @L0vetodream's claims. Frontpage Tech's Jon Prosser, who is known for his Apple leaks, for example, has confirmed some of @L0vetodream's previous leaks.

When will it arrive?

All that said, there's no clear timeline as to when will Apple start using MicroLED for its devices. Cupertino was previously said to have been testing MicroLED-equipped Apple Watches since 2017. It has also been said that MicroLED-equipped Apple Watches will start arriving this year.

MicroLED, which is different from mini-LED, is seen to bring a slew of benefits to electronic devices, including brighter displays that use less power. The use of MicroLED displays will also allow tech giants to create slimmer devices.

If the leak is accurate, fans will have to wait a bit more before seeing a MicroLED-equipped Apple Watch. Regardless of whether it has the new display technology or not, the Series 6 models can still be expected to be way better than the Series 5, with added functions like pulse oximetry, sleep tracking, improved water resistance, improved wireless connectivity, and more.

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