• The Apple Watch is a very useful device
  • Users can take advantage of the Control Center on the Apple wearable
  • Control Center lets users customize their device features to suit their lifestyles or preferences

The Apple Watch is a remarkable device that does many things. It contains features designed to help people monitor the time, their health and their surroundings, among many others.

Just like other Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad, the Apple Watch has a Control Center that makes it easier for users to do certain things like silencing the Watch to prevent it from making untimely noise, checking the battery level to know when it's time to charge, pinging a missing iPhone to make it easier to locate and turning cellular data on or off depending on the need.

The Control Center is a very helpful tool that needs to be mastered. Here's how to use the Control Center on an Apple Watch.

Accessing the Control Center

iPhones and iPads do not give users a hint as to how to access the Control Center, but the Apple Watch does. A red dot is shown at the top of the screen while on a watch face, indicating that something can be accessed by swiping down. That “something” is the Control Center.

When in an app or on the honeycomb screen, however, the Control Center is accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

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Using the Control Center

Users will know if the Control Center is up by its appearance. It looks like a screen with buttons corresponding to a specific function.

  • The Wi-Fi icon turns cellular data on or off
  • The number percentage tells users about the Watch's battery life
  • The iPhone icon, with two curved lines on each side of the iPhone, tells the Watch to ping the handset
  • The bell with a diagonal line tells the Apple Watch to enter silent mode
  • The button with two-faced masks tells the Watch to activate/deactivate Theater mode

These are but some of the features that can be used via the Control Center. Users can scroll to find other functions that will allow them to control audio, enable walkie-talkie, water lock and so on.

Users will be able to customize the functions further. For example, silent mode can be customized to include silencing Siri instead of just the notifications.