On Monday afternoon, Apple pushed out a new update to WatchOS, its operating system that powers Apple Watch devices. Shortly after users started installing the update, they found their smartwatches bricked according to a report from MacRumors.

The update to watchOS 3.1.1 has left a fair share of Apple Watch devices with a red exclamation mark on screen and a message that suggests they visit the Apple support page.

The issue has caused a commotion among Apple Watch wearers, who have taken to Reddit and other forums to voice their complaints.

It appears owners of the Apple Watch Series 2 have been hit the hardest by the problem. Wearers of the original Apple Watch and Series 1 devices have primarily made it through the update process without issue.

The problem seems to start during the update process, when the circular progress bar gets stuck. Others have reported unplugging the wearable from the charger in the middle of the update will cause issue. In most cases, though, users claim to have left the device go through the update process only to find it bricked.

Unfortunately for those who experience the device-crippling problem, there isn’t really an easy fix. While the error directs users to the Apple Support page, they’ll find the only real solution is to either visit an Apple Store and have them send the bricked watch to Apple for repairs or go online and start the process from home.

Those who have been subject to the return process report they were told it will take about seven days. Apple will either service the bricked devices or send new ones depending on the circumstances surrounding the issue.

Not all Series 2 Apple Watches have been bricked by the update, so owners of the devices are free to give the update process a whirl at their own risk. Apple has yet to outwardly address the issue, but is actively handling the cases of bricked devices and is likely aware of how widespread the problem is.