iPhone 5
Will Apple's iPhone and Android co-exist? Reuters

Apple will unveil a new iPhone on Tuesday that has been rumored to have several upgrades that will spark a 'phony war' to blow away all Android smartphones. But could there be something more stirring between the two? Could there actually be ... love?

Swiss news Web site swissinfo.ch released its new apps for both Android and iPhone late September and a short clip to accompany it. In the clip the iPhones and Android smartphones are preparing for an all out war. Cute little green Androids must got head-to-head with red-eye mean looking Apple iPhones, which later transformed into an iPhone Autobot.

But wait. As the smartphones begin to tackle each other something happened. They caught each others fancy, spark flew and the red-eye Apple smartphone immediately became filled with glee and had big blue eyes. It's love at first sight. Both the Apple iPhone and Android smartphone began hanging out with other, having breakfast, going on a Titanic cruise and even learning to make pottery.

But was it all a dream? It seems so, the Android smartphone body slams the iPhone, knocking it back to the reality of the battlefield where hundreds of iPhone and Android smartphones lay wounded. The only two iPhone and Android to survive the battle ended up walking away with each other after the chaos.

Do you think the friendship will last? Who will come out on top? After Apple's Tuesday meeting we shall see.

Watch the clip below: