Steve Jobs
The eulogy, a transcript of Simpson’s thoughts about her brother, entwines in words what she believed were the keystones of Jobs' genius - his modesty and hard work, his love of learning and his family. REUTERS

Wednesday, Oct. 19, marks Apple's company-wide memorial service for deceased co-founder Steve Jobs.

Held Wednesday morning at company headquarters in Cupertino, Apple employees gathered to honor Jobs. The memorial was webcast to employees around the world that could not make it.

The majority of Apple stores are temporarily closed for several hours this morning to allow employees to attend. In the San Francisco location, white drapes were curtained over the Apple store. The stores opened later at noon.

The event was closed off to the public and was held in the outdoor amphitheater.

This, however, isn't the only way people everyone have been paying their respects to Apple's core visionary. Apple has already received over one million tributes from their main page under Remembering Steve. Some messages are even selected to be posted on the page. In other Apple store locations, locals are decorating storefronts with creative, thoughtful memoirs of the CEO.

After years of battling pancreatic cancer, Jobs passed at age 56. He left behind a legacy no amount of memorials, tributes, and flowers can possibly show for.