Representational image. A dinosaur statue is seen standing in front of the Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant in Homestead, Florida, on May 18, 2017. Rhona Wise/AFP/Getty Images

A children's event held in an Eloy, Arizona, park apparently jarred one resident as local authorities received a complaint about life-like statues seen in the area.

On March 16, police responded to a call about dinosaurs in Eloy's Main Street Park. According to an Eloy Police Department audio file obtained by Pinal Central, a woman can be heard asked if they were real.

"'Yes, there are,'" the operator reportedly told the caller after being asked if there were dinosaurs at the park. “'Are they real?'" the caller responded.

Dino Crew Entertainment, an Arizona-based birthday party planning company, provided the mechanical dinosaurs seen during the "Day of the Dinosaurs" festival.

The company owns seven dinosaurs that are available for special events and parties, including a megaraptor, a 2-year-old tyrannosaurs Rex, and a baby velociraptor, according to its website.

Apparently, the figurines initially frightened children as some screamed while the dinosaurs approached them. But the kids eventually calmed down, according to Pinal Central.

Dino Crew Entertainment's owner Greg McGrew said this wasn't the first time emergency responders showed up to his event. He claimed that every few months, he and his crew get calls from residents concerning the replicas.

"It actually happens more than you'd think," Greg McGrew, told the publication. "You'd be amazed."

Besides law enforcement, members from a local animal control center arrived at an event the company hosted in Phoenix, McGraw said.

"My favorite was when animal control was called," the owner said. "They started laughing once they got closer."

The company specializes in "bringing in surprise which is accompanied with fear. Fear is not to be confused with danger or terror but it is loosely associated with fun and excitement," according to its website.

Despite the 911 call, city officials deemed the event successful. Bertha Payne, a program supervisor for the Community Services Department, said the children enjoyed themselves.

"This is the first year we're doing this," Payne said. "We had a lot of convincing them to come because some of these kids never get a chance to see anything like this."