Armani Instagram Error
Armani raised some eyebrows for confusing two black celebrities Monday night after posting a photo of actress Alfre Woodard mislabeled as actor Idirs Elba. Instagram Screen Shot

Armani raised some eyebrows after it made a giant error on Monday night when someone posted photos on Instagram from the Governors Awards confusing two black celebrities.

The Italian fashion house posted an image from Sunday night’s awards show with the caption: "Idris Elba posing in a gorgeous Georgio @armani dress." While it may be bizarre enough to think of the black British actor, and possibly the next James Bond, in a dress, the photo was not of Elba but rather actress Alfre Woodard.

The global luxury company also added a photo of the real Elba with Naomie Harris right after on Monday night.

By Tuesday morning, the error was corrected but not before screen-capped by several websites. The company has not publically addressed the error yet.

African-American culture magazine The Root first noticed the mix-up on Monday evening and questioned the Milan-based brand’s authority in identifying black celebrities.

“Ok, just one comment: How did this happen?” writer Akoto Ofori-Atta wrote. “Confusing Idris Elba and Alfre Woodard? Their names don't rhyme. One is a man, and the other is a woman. I think we need to update the ‘All black folks don't look alike!’ retort to include ‘Also, donkey, black people's names are not interchangeable.’”

Worst of all, the social media gaffe has not only sparked outrage but has also spawned a new hash tag, #ArmaniCaptions. Jezebel rounded up some of the funniest tweets poking fun at Armani’s error on Tuesday for confusing black celebrities. Some of the funniest mistake pairings include singer Cee-Lo Green and Patrick Star from “SpongeBob Squarepants,” Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles and actor Orlando Jones and singer Ciara and actress Wanda Sykes.

Of course, this is not the time a major player in the fashion world has mixed up black celebrities. Back in January, Elle Magazine mislabeled a photo of “The Walking Dead” actress Danai Gurira as “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reality star Nene Leakes.