“Armatix,” a German company, has released the first “smart pistol” in the U.S., on sale in California. Their handgun, dubbed the “iP1,” is paired with a smart watch that, when worn, unlocks the pistol for use. To use the watch, the user must first enter a PIN, like they would to unlock a smartphone. In the watch’s absence, or if the watch is out of range, the iP1 cannot be fired.

The iP1 uses .22 caliber bullets, like many conventional handguns on sale today. The draw to the .22 caliber bullet is that’s it’s cheap to make and purchase, which may help offset the iP1’s steep price.

The Armatix “Safe System,” which comes with both the iP1 handgun and the watch that controls it, costs a hefty $1800 -- approximately three times the price of a Glock 17, one of the most ubiquitous handguns in America.

That price point will no doubt turn some would-be buyers away from the iP1. And yet, James Mitchell, owner of the Oak Tree Gun Club, the only dealer currently selling the iP1, believes the pistol could “revolutionize the gun industry.”