Episode seven of “Arrested Development’s” fourth season sees the return of some familiar faces – Ann Veal (Mae Whitman), Tony Wonder (Ben Stiller) and Steve Holt (Justin Grant Wade). What has happened to them since “Arrested Development” ended its third season in 2006?

Ann Veal

Arrested Development
Gob gets welcomed into Ann Veal's family after accidentally proposing. Screenshot/ Arrested Development

Episode seven shows what happened between Gob and Ann after George Michael found out about their relationship. A couple of hours before Ann’s 18th birthday, Ann makes Gob patch things up with George Michael before he can get to “fourth base.”

Realizing that he’s made a huge mistake, Gob goes to break up with Ann, but when she starts undressing he decides to not break up with her.

Eating eggs after their hookup, Gob has a meltdown while trying to break up with Ann again. Ann understands and tells him that it’s ok if he needs his freedom, and in his excitement Gob accidentally says, “marry me.” While Maeby used that line many times, Ann doesn’t get the joke of it and actually accepts Gob’s marriage proposal.

Gob tells the Bluth family that he’s getting married to Ann and no one cares – not even Buster.

Gob and Ann appear on her pastor father’s Christian TV show, “And As It Is Such, So Also As Such Is It Unto You,” to announce their wedding – where Gob surprises everyone by saying it will be televised on the show AND he’ll be performing a magic trick. Taking a spin on Jesus’ resurrection, Gob will stay handcuffed in a tomb for two weeks where he will re-emerge without handcuffs.

Ann realizes that he’s not coming back – but hints throughout the episode that she may be pregnant with his baby.

Gob’s magic trick goes wrong when he the secret compartment that holds the handcuff key gets jammed. He ends up getting stuck in a boulder compartment and gets put in a storage locker, only to get discovered a couple weeks later by a “Storage Wars”-type TV show.

Tony Wonder

Arrested Development
Tony Wonder comes out as gay in episode seven, "Colony Collapse." screenshot/ Arrested Development

Tony Wonder was Gob’s magician competition throughout the first three seasons of “Arrested Development.” In episode seven, “Colony Collapse,” we learn that Tony Wonder has been “making a fortune with that gay magician act.”

Tony Wonder came out in gay magazine Attitude, with an article called “I’m Here. I’m Queer. Now I’m Over Here!”

Tony Wonder attends Gob’s wedding to see the magic trick, and Gob later discovers that it was Tony that jammed the secret compartment that held his handcuff key. Gob retaliates when he attends an award show that Tony Wonder is at and jams a compartment he thinks that the magician is in – except that he wasn’t in it.

Steve Holt

Arrested Development
STEVE HOLT! screenshot/ Arrested Development

Ann’s breakup with Gob does a number on him. He decides to reach out to his son, Steve Holt, and meet him at a bar owned by Jeremy Piven. At the bar Gob tells his whole sob story to the man next to him … without realizing that it’s his son, Steve Holt. (To be honest, we didn’t recognize him either!) To cover his tracks, he pretends that he also has another son named Dave Holt.

Steve Holt is now in the pest control business and offers his struggling dad a job. Gob promises to show up to work the next day at 6:45 a.m. with two coffees, but flakes on his son when the opportunity to hang out with a teen pop star arises.