“Arrested Development” continues to bring the laughs in its fourth season with episode eight, “Red Hairing.” Centered around Lindsay, the episode finds the adopted Bluth struggling to push herself away from the family name. Getting into a new relationship and career, Lindsay ultimately discovers that she really is a Bluth.

The Ostrich Spirit

Arrested Development
The ostrich spirit turned out to be Lindsay's boyfriend, Marky. Screenshot/Arrested Development

The ostrich spirit that came to George Sr. and Oscar returns in episode eight, but it’s not what you think. While the Bluth twins definitely were high, they didn’t hallucinate an ostrich spirit -- it was just Lindsay’s activist boyfriend, Marky.

Marky Just Blue Himself

Arrested Development
Marky blue himself. Screenshot/Arrested Development

It appears that Lindsay is interested in a certain type of man. While we have yet to see Tobias blue himself, Lindsay’s new love interest, Marky, accidentally blue himself in a glitter bomb gone bad. In a “random act of senseless nonviolence” against potential Congressman Herbert Love, Marky was going to spring from a box full of glitter and blue ink. Lindsay was supposed to set him loose from it, but instead got distracted by flirting with Herbert Love. Marky ended up getting stuck in it when Gob confused the box for Tony Wonder’s and jammed it so Marky couldn’t escape.

Cindy Featherbottom

Arrested Development
Herbert Love and Cindy Featherbottom double-date with Michael and Rebel. Screenshot/Arrested Development

Mrs. Featherbottom has yet to return, but a distant relative named Cindy Featherbottom did make an appearance. Wearing a red wig, Lindsay thrives on Herbert Love’s flirting and tells him that her name is Cindy Featherbottom.

Lindsay (disguised as Cindy) and Herbert end up running into Michael on a date with Rebel, and Lindsay and Michael must lie about their relationship to save face on their respected dates.

The Return Of Sally Sitwell

Arrested Development
Sally Sitwell returns in episode eight. Screenshot/Arrested Development

“Arrested Development” fans briefly saw Sally Sitwell in the season-four premiere, but she hasn’t been spotted again -- until episode eight. Turns out that Lucille Too hired her to be her campaign manager as she runs for Congress. Sally’s new job once again sparks a competition between Lindsay, who initially turned down the job offer from Lucille Too.


Arrested Development
Annyong is still trying to stick it to the Bluths. Screenshot/Arrested Development

Annyong is still hanging around! Trying to stick the Bluth family tab at an expensive restaurant with a $700 tomato juice, Annyong is surprised to find that Lindsay and Michael already beat him to it.

Herbert Love’s Coma

Arrested Development
Lindsay Bluth for Congress. Endorsed by Herbert Love. Screenshot/Arrested Development

Herbert Love went missing during the Cinco De Quatro celebration and was eventually found behind the “Kick A Goat” unconscious. Doctors say he can be in a coma from a week to 10 years, so Lindsay is offered the position to run in his place and says yes before Love’s managers can even finish asking her the question.