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Things could have been quite awkward when Ashanti interviewed her ex-boyfriend Nelly on Fuse News.

The singer and current executive producer and anchor of Fuse sat down with the rapper to discuss the evolution of hip-hop, his personal evolution, and even the type of women he likes.

The interview went smoothly without awkward moments, however, and both Ashanti and Nelly seemed to be professional.

“So let’s talk about the type of girl you like,” Ashanti said to Nelly toward the end of the segment. Nelly looked a bit surprised, replying, “Oh word ... let’s talk about that” and smiled, before Ashanti began to laugh. She proceeded to ask him about deal breakers when it comes to women.

“Bad breath is a deal breaker. Someone who lacks the confidence within themselves, to understand who they are. I won’t say that’s a deal breaker, but I definitely think we would at some point hit that wall, and a nice set of thighs always helps,” he continued, while looking at Ashanti’s legs.

Though neither Nelly nor Ashanti ever admitted to being together, they have been a couple for at least 10 years, and have made numerous public appearances together.

In August, Global Grind asked him about their relationship, and Nelly replied, "I don’t know, I think that’s the only question I ever said nothing about. Any other question that anybody has ever asked me personally, I’ve volunteered to answer. Like, I’ve never not answered anything else."

When asked if he was uncomfortable talking about his love life, he said, "It ain’t about feeling uncomfortable, I just … I’m not uncomfortable to say we cool. We handling that. I don’t think that’s uncomfortable.

"I just think that it is what it is. That’s what me and her came to a conclusion that we were going to acknowledge when we wanted to acknowledge and what we want to acknowledge. That’s just it. It’s not an uncomfortable thing though."

He was most recently by Ashanti's side in October to help celebrate her 32nd birthday.

The 38-year-old rapper is said to have broken up with the singer because she was cheating.

He is rumored to have moved on with video vixen and actress TaeHeckard, whom he met nearly 10 years ago on the video set of his song “Grillz.” She even has his nickname, “Mo,” tattooed on her lower back. "M.O." is also the title of Nelly’s seventh studio album.

Heckard has also had a continuing role on the BET hit, "The Game." Nelly has not commented on their relationship, and nor has Heckard.

Watch Ashanti's interview below: