Aston Martin, one of the foremost names in the automotive world, could soon become a partner of Racing Point, thereby joining Formula 1.

The last time Aston was in Formula 1 in their own right was for a year between 1959 and 1960.

The move, though, depends on Racing Point’s owner, Lawrence Stroll, and whether his interest in the British Motoring firm will bring fruition.

Aston Martin has fallen on hard times considering its share price on the London Stock Exchange fell by 75 percent since it was listed a year ago.

The sales forecast has also been downgraded three times since then, indicating the company is in a state of free fall.

Stroll has an estimated net worth of 2 billion dollars through investments and fashion brands. He initially tried to rescue Force India in August last year.

The investor was part of a consortium that bought the team, which had been forced into administration. Fans are claiming that he is ready to make more moves in the motoring world.

However, both Aston Martin and Stroll have declined to comment at this time on the truth of the report. 

It was thought that he would be keen on reintroducing the familiar Aston Martin green color back to the sport as part of a rebranding measure for Racing Point.

One source claimed Racing Point needs an authentic wrapping for the team. The Silverstone approach has a lot of connections to Mercedes. 

Racing Point uses power units from Mercedes and has a wind tunnel share arrangement with them.

The similarities in design could be removing Racing Point’s authenticity with the fans.

Regardless, there are plans already in place to expand Racing Point’s facility, considering a recently acquired 30-hectare site which dovetails with Aston Martin.

The 2021 technical regulations have encouraged further facility sharing among the teams, so it would not be surprising to have Racing Point shapeshift in an Aston Martin themed racing team, though operating as a second-tier Mercedes team.  

Aston Martin, however, has strong links to Red Bull considering its title sponsorship. Should the deal come to pass, the implications for Red Bull are quite profound. 

The Aston Martin sponsorship deal is said to be 10 million dollars on an annual basis.

Coupled with Honda’s uncertain future, the loss of Aston Martin as both a title and technology partner would be severely detrimental for Red Bull. It could prompt their potential exit from the sport ahead of the new era in 2021.

aston-martin-1835243_640 Aston Martin Photo: Pixabay