The cryptocurrency mining space has been facing a lot of pressure because of the price crash that bitcoin has gone through in the last two months. Miners worldwide are experiencing huge losses, and some in China have started selling their mining machines as junk.

The recent partnership announced Thursday between Asus, the multinational computer and phone hardware and electronics company; and Quantum Cloud, a digital solutions company, could offer an alternative mining platform for the miners. The partnership aims to design a software that lets gamers mine cryptocurrency with their idle GPU power, without altering the performance of their products or deviating from the gaming company's market focus.

"Quantum Cloud's platform allows gamers to utilize idle GPUs to earn low-maintenance income. When you start the app, Quantum Cloud uses some of your GPU's power to run powerful cloud-based applications. These applications generate profit for the platform, and you'll earn a cut based on the amount of GPU power provided," Quantum Cloud said in its website.

Asus does not plan to bring out a new product line or diversify its existing product line with this partnership. The idea, which has to confirmed by the Asus, is that the players would be able to power cloud-based miners managed by Quantum Cloud's blockchain interface, reported TNW. The details of the agreement and the product they will offer are not yet known.

Quantum Cloud will make automatic payments in fiat money to the gamer's Paypal, online payments system, or Wechat, Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media, and mobile payment application,  account configured by each customer.

Neither Asus nor Quantum Cloud has said what cryptocurrencies can be mined or how much percentage each player will receive for using the software. "Asus stated that the entire operation complies with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulations, which ensures the privacy of users’ data," TNW reported. 

The idea is not to sell mining as a profitable activity but to generate some earnings.  “An example of a typical scenario would be a gaming PC with a GTX 1070," Quantum Cloud said in its website. "This system could generate more than 20,000 Quantum dots every day, which would result in approximately $10 deposited in your account over the course of a month. You won’t get rich quick, but you can earn some easy money with your idle GPUs.” 

Asus also does not say how much gamers could earn from the application. The partnership looks at providing miners an opportunity to earn a passivee income by installing Quantum Cloud's software. 

"Asus and Quantum Cloud do not 'guarantee that users of its software will make any earnings or profit' [warning that users are responsible for] considering their own usage costs," read a press released that was shared with Hard Fork.