• Two items in the new "Persona" merchandise shop suggest a sixth game could soon be revealed
  • Game director Naoto Hiraoka said they want to make "Persona 6" bigger than the last game
  • More "Persona" spin-offs are expected until Autumn 2022

Fans of “Persona” have much to be excited for this year as ATLUS is gearing up for the series’ 25th anniversary this September, with a possible announcement for “Persona 6” on the very near horizon.

Recently, ATLUS launched a website specifically designed for the 25th anniversary celebration of “Persona,” featuring a slew of upcoming projects that are scheduled for staggered announcement dates stretching up until the autumn of 2022. Alongside these projects is a merchandise store selling a wide variety of “Persona” items.

Among the many items included in the store is a batch of character cards featuring protagonists of the mainline “Persona” games. Interestingly enough, the final card in the batch is marked as a secret. Additionally, another item containing posters of each of the games’ cover arts also includes two redacted images.

Character cards from the new Persona merchandise shop suggest a new Persona game may soon be revealed
Character cards from the new Persona merchandise shop suggest a new Persona game may soon be revealed ATLUS

From the looks of things, ATLUS could be selling a protagonist card and cover art poster for “Persona 6” soon. While an official announcement is not yet available, it’s likely that ATLUS will reveal the game in time for the actual anniversary celebration in September.

An interview with ATLUS director Naoto Hiraoka was discovered in a Japanese recruitment site by Game Informer. According to Hiraoka, they need to expand the development team if they ever want to surpass the massive success of “Persona 5.”

“Exceeding [‘Persona 5’] will be difficult with the current staff. I would like to surpass this tall hurdle with everyone who joins us in this recruitment,” Hiraoka said.

In the meantime, fans can expect more “Persona” news in the coming months as the developers plan to drip-feed content in the months leading to the anniversary celebration. Should “Persona 5” follow the same pattern of spin-off releases that the previous games in the series had, then a fighting-game-style entry could soon be launched.

“Persona 5 Strikers,” a musou-style spin-off and direct story sequel to the original “Persona 5,” garnered very positive reactions from fans and along with the overwhelming success of “Persona 5 Royal,” it’s likely that ATLUS will release at least one more game in the same setting before moving on to the newest entry in the long-running franchise.