Fans of “Attack On Titan” no doubt loved chapter 122, and many rates it as one of the most beautiful chapters in the enrtiro series so far. We finally get to learn about Ymir Fritz and saw exactly her identity and how she was able to show the power of the Founding Titan. But, Chapter 123 is predicted to unveil the Rumbling.

“Attack On Titan” Chapter Recap

“Attack On Titan” chapter 122 was quite a revelation and confirmed that the histories both Eldians and Marleyens know are accurate. Ymir enriched the Tribe of Eldia while at the same caused the mass suffering because of her titan powers. The chapter also showed that Eren and Zeke are linked by Paths, and Zeke ordered her to ensure that the Eldians will not have the chance to reproduce.

Eren also asked her to help him in destroying the world and finally end the misery. The words reached her just in time, and then we saw the rumbling finally starting at the end of the chapter. The scene is quite disturbing, and fans are speculating on what could happen in chapter 123 of “Attack on Titan.”

“Attack on Titan” Chapter 123 Possible Spoilers

Rumors have it that the next chapter of “Attack on Titan” will finally let us see the start of the Rumbling. The term rumbling refers to the unleashing of the entire colossal but trapped titans on the walls. These titans have only one thing in mind: destruction.

Right now, Eren possesses the most supreme power in the “Attack on Titan” world, and it is interesting to learn how he will use this power. The next chapter will also allow us to see the actions of Eren’s friends. At the end of chapter 122, we can see that Eren changed a little since he showed sympathy towards Ymir’s oppression as a slave.

Having learned about Ymir’s past, he has somehow discovered a true sibling that he can relate to considering his hate towards the concept of slavery. There is a theory that he might work with Ymir, and together, they will eliminate all the titans. “Attack on Titan” Chapter 123 is slated to release around November 9, 2019.