“Attack on Titan” is, by far, the bravest anime/manga in terms of storylines. The popular series is not afraid to release upsetting revelations, and the most recent chapter proves to be the most brutal entry in the existentialist series. “Attack on Titan” is brave to touch themes about betrayals, death, and several other disturbing subjects, but the next series is going to get a little more intense with the chapter unveiling the troubling goal of Eren Jaeger.

“Attack on Titan” Recap

Chapter 122 of “Attack on Titan” revealed the horrible events that happened to the first titan. It also explained how the titans came to be and detailed their origin. The first titan was a young slave girl ruled by the Eldians and lived under the tyrannical reign of King Fritz. She was exiled from the community after she let a pig run loose.

Attack on Titan cast
As "Attack on Titan" inches closer to its imminent finale, fans are excited to see how the popular series will end, and one fan claims it will not be a happy one. http://shingekinokyojin.wikia.com/

The latest chapter of “Attack on Titan” tells that the girl ran away to escape her handlers and stumbled upon a big tree in the forest. She accidentally fell, and water gushed all over her, where she would have drowned if not for the massive spine that wrapped itself all over her. The strange thing appeared to have embedded itself in the slave girl and bestowed her power of all the titans.

King Fritz welcomed her back and later forced himself to the slave girl to bear his children. She was also assigned by the king to kill Marley and was then fed to her children in the hopes that they would share her powers and make more titans. The story of the first titan told in the latest chapter of “Attack on Titan” is the story of Ymir. Her story is a tale of absolute and repeated abuse, terror, and sacrifice.

“Attack on Titan” Spoilers

Upon learning of the devastating events that happened to Ymir’s life, Eren tries to convince her to be in his plan. Eren wants Ymir to give her titan power so he could destroy the present state of the world. Zeke desperately tries to prevent this and pleaded with Ymir to give him the power instead.

However, the deal is already done, and Ymir has given her First Titan power to Eren. In the next chapter of “Attack on Titan,” Eren will have tremendous power with the help of Ymir. It will let us see how Eren’s plan of shattering the current world would play out. Will he be successful?