A tattoo artist in Darwin, northern Australia, recently shared an innovative idea for covering up surgery scars, especially those left behind by a double mastectomy operation. 

Mim d'Abbs, a tattoo artist for the last 21 years, posted online some photos from a client who had her breasts tattooed with a floral design to cover up scars from breast cancer surgery. D'Abbs said the customer was the first to inquire about getting a tattoo to hide such scars.

After d'Abbs and the unidentified woman talked over the plan, the woman decided to get the floral design inked on her body. The artist, from Darwin City Tattoos, first created a draft of what the tattoo would look like. After the tattoo session ended, d'Abbs received permission from the woman to post photos of the finished job on Facebook. The photos show a beautiful floral pattern, like a mix of lilies and lotus.

"It was probably the most emotional I've been about a tattoo," d'Abbs said in an interview with AbC Net. "I was very honored to have the opportunity to make a difference to how somebody viewed themselves who had been dealt not such a great hand."

D'Abbs said her ultimate aim in posting the photos was to encourage other women to accept their scars. The artist said she believes that a woman's femininity is important, and so is her right to opt for reconstructive surgery, or to hide a scar.

"If that's an empowering thing to do, then it's important that it's out there," d'Abbs said. "It needs to be talked about. It's not a stigma. I think that people who have survived a battle like that should be able to do whatever they bloody well want with their bodies."

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