Thanos (as he appears in the comic books) will be the new villain in "The Avengers 2." Wikipedia


The Avengers has been rocking the box office since opening last weekend, and if you were one of the people to help the Marvel movie make box office history, you might have seen a sneak peak of what's to come for the next film.

After the main titles ended in the credits, viewers that stayed in the theater got to see an extra scene. This extra scene was of course used to tease Avengers 2.

With Loki hopefully learning his lesson (although I highly doubt it), the sequel to The Avengers needs a new villain. The extra scene revealed the next villain that the Avengers would have to take on...Thanos.

Those who were in the theater to strictly see the hunks of the movie work up a sweat might not know who Thanos is, but fear not, we have the answers.

According to, Thanos, an Eternal, is one of the last sons of the original colonists of Titan, Saturn's moon. The new villain possesses the superhuman physiology of all Eternals, states Marvel. This grants Thanos superhuman strength, endurance, reflexes and agility.

Besides his superhuman strength, the Avengers will have a hard time taking on the villain in the next film because Thanos is immortal, unable to die. Marvel explains that Thanos had a run in with Death in his past that left him cursed with immortality.

Heat, cold, electricity, radiation, toxins, aging and disease are all unable to affect Thanos' skin. Marvel lists psychic attacks as unable to penetrate the monstrous villain.

So what exactly might the Avengers be up against in the next film? Thanos has the ability to project psionic blasts of energy from his eyes and hands. The villain also has technology far more advanced than what the Avengers have access to on Earth. But with Tony Stark, Dr. Banner and Thor, it's safe to say that Thanos has some solid competition.

Yahoo's Movie Talk explains that in the comics, Thanos got his hands on the Cosmic Cube from the film. The cube gave Thanos godlike powers, forcing the Avengers to team up with Spider-Man and The Thing to put an end to his terror.

Director and Writer Joss Whedon explained in an interview that he wanted to include Thanos in The Avengers because he, for me, is the most powerful and fascinating Marvel Villain. Whedon went on to say that he's the great granddaddy of the bad asses and he's in love with death and I just think that's so cute.

While what Thanos' exact attack on Earth and the Avengers will be is a mystery, has a real interesting theory about what the future might hold for the superheroes.