Azealia Banks is triggered following Lena Dunham’s controversial abortion statement. However, the rapper is not mad at the “Girls” creator. She is instead slamming CNN for taking time to clarify that what Dunham did was simply a joke, while the American broadcasting channel did not come to her defense whenever she criticized certain issues.

On Thursday, the “212” hitmaker took to Facebook to voice out her disgust at what CNN did recently. According to her, the network cared to “explain” Dunham’s joke but did not give any input about the things she said. Banks went as far as to drag the white feminist community into the picture due to their selective sympathy toward white women, leaving non-whites on their own.

Banks continued by citing the hypocrisy of white feminists who go to Africa to take pictures with African kids yet act unsympathetic toward women who aren’t white and rich when they go back to the U.S. She then questioned why white feminists do not seem to raise concern for equal representation for all women in various fields.

Continuing her rant, Banks also slammed Vogue and other magazines for only choosing black women who “act white enough” or “sophisticated enough.” She pointed out how Vogue could easily promote any daughter from a rich white family, but not promote those from a poor Chinese family.

Banks emphasized in her rant how “mainstream women’s stuff” always seem “too white” and purposely turn a blind eye to the really talented ethnic girls because they are to busy promoting “rich, talentless and very plain-looking white girls.” In the end, Banks made her point by calling out white feminists should just stop calling themselves feminists if they cannot help fight for the equality of everyone.

Following Banks’ post, many of her fans gave their two cents on the things she pointed out. One fan told Banks that because she’s a black female, “you can’t make mistakes.” The fan added: “When you say something offensive it gets used to shame the whole black community. Perfectly illustrating exactly what you said before — black people are seen as a populous, white people are seen as individuals. Also, they don't want to represent black women in the arts because they would then lose their riches, status, and privilege.”

In a follow-up post, Banks admitted that she’s already tired. However, she intends to continue ranting on social media for the remaining days of 2016 because she’s already been silenced and she now wants to release everything off of her chest.

Hi there! I didn't embed Banks' lengthy rant due to expletives. Just want to inform you about this.