Azealia Banks is not pleased with Madame Tussauds' depiction of famed female emcee Nicki Minaj. The Queens native’s wax figure, created to look like a still from her “Anaconda” music video, was unveiled on Aug. 4. Minaj posted a video on Instagram that same day to thank the museum for the "iconic" creation. While it seemed Minaj was more than happy with her wax likeness, Banks took issue with the pose Madame Tussauds chose.

As was reported by E! Online, the "212" rapper took to Twitter to voice her thoughts on the figure to her followers Wednesday. In a series of tweets she attributed the wax museum's decision to depict Minaj on all fours to racism, writing, "white people yo." She added that, given her impressive resume, it would have been more fitting to simply pose her standing up with a microphone in hand, adding that she would have requested a "do-over."

As displeased as Banks was with the way Minaj's figure was posed, it seemed she was even more bothered by how she thought people would interact with it. She suggested that posing Minaj in that way invited visitors to pose with their genitals "in her face" and "on her butt," which she was none to keen on. 

Madame Tussauds went above and beyond for the unveiling of Minaj's wax figure. They were able to make exact replicas of one of the outfits she wore in the "Anaconda" music video and hired dancers to do some of the choreography alongside the statue. The female rapper took note of their effort when shouting them out on social media.

Although Banks spoke out in support of Minaj, recognizing both her talent and accomplishments, the pair don't have the best history. According to Complex, in 2012, Banks went after Minaj on Twitter for shortly after declining the opportunity to join her on tour in Europe. Minaj sent out a cryptic message on the social media site using the hashtag, "#ManTheseB---hesDelirious." Banks assumed the Tweet was about her and fired back, correcting her grammar and warning her, "just wait until I drop this album."

Neither Minaj nor Madame Tussauds has responded to Banks' tweets.