A New York woman committed suicide by jumping to her death while holding her baby on Wednesday, but her 10-month-old baby survived the fall, according to police.

Officers found 45-year-old Cynthia Wachenheim lying on the pavement outside of her New York City apartment, holding her newborn son in her arms. The responding officer immediately took the injured child to a hospital, where he was listed in critical, yet stable, condition. Unfortunately, Wachenheim was pronounced dead on the scene.

A law enforcement official familiar with the situation told the Associated Press that police discovered a seven-page suicide inside the apartment that Wachenheim shared with her husband. In the note, she acknowledged that she was about to do something “evil” and expressed concern over the development of her young son. As of yet, it is uncertain whether the baby actually has any ailments or conditions.

Local resident Steven Dominguez, 18, told Fox News that he witnessed the horrific event. "I heard a scream like a yell," he said. "When I got closer, I saw the baby crying." Dominguez believed that the baby was shielded from injury by the mother’s body. His mother attempted to help the baby before a emergency responder warned them to stay back.

Another neighbor, 32-year-old Yaa Dwamena, expressed her shock. "She was very nice, very friendly, very warm," Dwamena told Fox News. "They were a happy-looking family. I wouldn't think anything like this would happen."

Wachenheim was a graduate of Columbia Law School. Before her death, she performed legal research for the New York Supreme Court.