New year … new “Bachelor!” ABC is prepping for season 18 of its hit dating show, “The Bachelor,” and the International Business Times got a chance to ask single dad Juan Pablo Galavis a few questions – like how he plans on dealing with drama in the house and season villains.

Those who watched Desiree Hartsock’s season of “The Bachelorette” over the summer are well aware that drama played a serious role during the quest for love. With an initial 27 guys to weed through to find “the one,” Desiree was forced to question what her heart was telling her when guys in the house began calling each other out for different types of lies. Between Brian having a girlfriend, Ben Scott’s sneaky ways, James’ supposed plans for becoming the next “Bachelor” and Brooks’ doubts, the journey to find her soul mate became a stressful one.

In the end Desiree ended up choosing to be with Chris Siegfried, a contestant who didn’t play into the drama and instead focused on winning the bachelorette’s heart – and Juan Pablo sounds like he plans to pull that page from Chris’ book.

“You always keep that in the back of [your] head but, you know it, it’s just drama,” the Bachelor explained. “And it’s drama. There was drama with 25 guys in a house. I cannot even imagine 27 girls in a house. So, do I care about their drama? Not at all. I just let them do it. I didn’t care about my drama, in the show. I don’t care about their drama.”

With potential drama out of the way, the single dad and former soccer player is on the show to find a woman who wants to settle down and start a family.

“You know, I’m there to meet the women and in a one-on-one basis, you know, you get a chance to talk to all of them and get to know them,” he continued. “So whatever happens in the house, I just don’t care.”

What exactly is Juan Pablo looking for when he meets with the contestants one-on-one? The bachelor told USA Today that his perfect girl would be smart, honest, maybe likes sports a little bit, but most of all know how to dance.

“That’s one of my biggest turn ons,” he said of dancing. “But in this situation I say to myself, ‘Juan Pablo, not all of them are going to dance. Not all of them will be good dancers, so please don’t let them dance yet. And just get to know them better.’ And that’s how I did it.”

“The Bachelor” with Juan Pablo kicks off on Sun, Jan. 5, with a special two-night event. Viewers can look forward to a countdown to Juan Pablo on Sunday at 8 p.m., with the premiere episode and first rose ceremony airing on Monday, Jan. 6, at 8 p.m.

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