The Bachelor Kylie Lewis can be seen standing behind Juan Pablo to the left. Photo: ABC

Season 18 of “The Bachelor” has just begun and it’s already overrun with drama. The first episode saw some tears, a pretty shocking and “honest” first impression, and a hilarious rose ceremony mix up. And while the premiere might be over, one contestant isn't ready to let go of her “humiliating” experience.

Fans will remember Kylie Lewis as the fiery redhead in the pink gown who was eliminated during the first rose ceremony. But Kylie’s elimination wasn’t your average goodbye -- the 23-year-old accidentally tried to accept a rose that was meant for another girl.

The situation occurred when Juan Pablo called Kat to accept the rose, but instead had Kylie come down. Juan Pablo quickly corrected the situation, leading Kylie to respond, “Oh I thought he said Kylie. Sorry!” Visibly embarrassed by her mistake, the redhead joked that the bachelor could take both her and Kat, but that didn’t end up being the case. As the roses slowly dwindled in numbers, Kylie realized that her time on the show was limited, muttering under her breath, “I’m gonna throw up.”

Now that the premiere has aired, Kylie is speaking out about her experience on “The Bachelor” and is claiming she was set up to fail by the producers of the ABC dating show. Speaking with TMZ, the eliminated Rockford, Ill., native said the producers asked her to do three things:

1. Dye her hair from strawberry blonde to red. (Click HERE to see her hair transformation.)

2. Wear a pink dress instead of a purple one.

3. Send Juan Pablo a tweet following their first meeting.

While the producers had no comment for TMZ, Kylie’s claims make sense based on the fact that everyone knows redheads shouldn't wear pink. All kidding aside, the aspiring model and artist believes that her actions, which were purportedly forced by the producers, resulted in her elimination.

If getting rejected on TV wasn’t embarrassing enough, Kylie also suggests that the producers “went out of their way” to air her rose mix-up. The video clip has made its rounds on talk shows, leading “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison to talk about the embarrassing situation with TV Guide.

“It was horrible,” he dished. “It was late and he has an accent and he whispers, so he whispers ‘Kat’ who is standing right behind Kyle and he looks right at Kylie, so she starts stepping down and he’s like, ‘Kat.’ She was mortified. The only thing that made it worse was the fact that she didn’t get a rose. So not only did she step out and get embarrassed, but she was sent home.”

Kylie Lewis also took to Twitter to talk about her time on “The Bachelor,” thanking those for following her on the journey. “FINALLY. The weight has been lifted,” she posted. “I received no rose, but the support I have felt all along the way means more to me than I can ever explain.”

Since getting the media attention she has also launched a new website and is asking Twitter to give her “‘prom’ dress a break.”

“She didn’t do anything to deserve the ridicule,” Kylie tweeted of the pink gown.

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