“The Bachelor” 2017 cast is dwindling fast, meaning Nick Viall is just weeks away from picking the woman he’ll hopefully marry. In Season 21, episode 6, while vacationing in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Nick suffered a minor meltdown and sent half the cast home, bringing him that much closer to the finish line.

On Monday’s episode of the ABC dating competition, Nick will head to the Bahamas with the six remaining women. Rachel L., Corinne, Raven, Danielle M., Kristina and Vanessa will join him on this journey, during which there will be a one-on-one and two-on-one date as well as one group date, according to spoiler blogger Reality Steve. Vanessa is thought to be the lucky gal getting alone time with “The Bachelor.”

Vanessa — who is rumored to be the “Bachelor” Season 21 frontrunner — will get the first date of episode 7. She and Nick will reportedly spend the day on a boat and do a little snorkeling. Reality Steve claims the two will find that their chemistry is as strong as it ever was and Vanessa will get a rose.

The group date will apparently feature Kristina, Raven and Corinne joining Nick to go swimming with sharks. Reality Steve reported that Raven will be the winner of the day, guaranteeing her a hometown date. She will also get to spend some time alone with Nick as a result of her victory. Nick will continue his pattern of treating his dates to intimate concerts and the two will reportedly be serenaded by Adam Friedman.

While it doesn’t look like Corinne’s tricks will get her any shine during the group date, she’ll find a way to stand out later in Season 21, episode 7 of “The Bachelor.” According to Reality Steve’s report, the Miami business woman will visit Nick in his hotel room in the hopes of romancing him. She is hopeful that her sexuality will wow him and allow her to continue on the show. Nick is thought to turn Corinne down, but it doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere anytime soon.

The final date of the night will be between Nick, Danielle M. and Rachel, according to Reality Steve. The trip will go on a romantic bike ride before strolling through the streets of Bimini, Bahamas, together. “The Bachelor” star is thought to come to the realization that Danielle M. is not right for him and send her home. Nick will then continue his date with Rachel, taking her to a local bar for drinks. If Reality Steve is correct, the pair will learn during their time together that their connection remains and Rachel will stay on the show.

Nick is believed to make the call not to host a rose ceremony in episode 7 of “The Bachelor.” Instead, he’ll visit the final five in their hotel room to reveal that one of them has to go. In a shocking turn of events, Nick will reportedly send Kristina packing. The pair connected deeply in episode 5, but it seems it wasn’t enough to save her.

Check out the four women believed to be the final four in Season 21 of “The Bachelor” in the slideshow above, and be sure to tune in Monday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.