“The Bachelor” fans were shocked when ABC announced that Rachel L., who is still in the Season 21 competition heading into episode 10, will be starring in Season 13 of “The Bachelorette.” Due to the news, many counted her out despite her connection with star Nick Viall — but what if it was all a rouse?

Mike Fleiss, who serves as an executive producer on “The Bachelor,” left fans of the show questioning everything on Monday. He sent out a message to followers suggesting that Rachel L. was announced as “The Bachelorette” to throw those watching Nick’s quest for love off her scent. Fleiss’ message suggested that Rachel L. may actually be the member of the Season 21 final three that walks away engaged.

Nick and Rachel L. will sit down for a serious chat about their future during episode 10 of “The Bachelor.” In a preview for the episode the Dallas native admits she’s “scared” as the end of the competition nears. Nick tries to push her to go with her gut, suggesting she get out of her head a bit in the final weeks. There has been some speculation that Rachel L. will be sent home in Season 21, episode 10 though there has been no confirmation of that.

Regardless of the outcome, Nick and Rachel L. will have the opportunity to sit down together again later in the episode as the cast of “The Bachelor” Season 21 reunites for a women tell all special. Nick’s castaways will have the chance to speak their piece on Monday in the latter portion of episode 10. There’s been no indication of what to expect, but there’s sure to be drama.

The episode will air on ABC at 8 p.m. EST. It’s going to be three-hours long, so we suggest you start preparing now.