There are only three women left on Season 21 “The Bachelor,” which means it’s time for Nick Viall to get serious. Vanessa Grimaldi, rumored to be the frontrunner on the ABC dating series, will force him to do exactly that on Monday.

A preview for “The Bachelor” episode 10 shows Nick and Vanessa having a heated fireside chat. The Canadian questions Nick’s dedication to her, asking whether moving North is out of the question for him. Nick struggles to picture that life, but admits he’d “do anything” for love.

“I’ve moved a lot,” he says in the episode, according to People. “I’ve never imagined living in Canada. And I’ll be honest, that’s not easy for me to picture. I hope that’s not a non-negotiable, but I think I would do anything for the woman that I love.”

Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor” is set to be three hours long. It’ll pick up where Season 21, episode 9 left off — in the fantasy suite with Raven and Nick — and end with a “Women Tell All” segment. Reality Steve has no spoilers for the episode, but speculates that Rachel L. will be sent home.

Before she (maybe) makes her way back to Texas, Rachel L. and Nick will have a serious chat about their future together. A clip for the next “Bachelor” episode shows the lawyer hinting at her doubts about the process. Nick tries to push her to trust her feelings, urging Rachel L. to get out of her own way.

Bachelor Nation already knows that Rachel L. isn’t the “Bachelor” contestant who wins Nick’s heart. Instead, she’ll be looking for love in Season 13 of “The Bachelorette.” The announcement came last month, spoiling that aspect of “The Bachelor” 2017 ending for fans.

Tune in to “The Bachelor” on Monday, March 6, on ABC to find out which women says goodbye to Nick and which two will continue their journey to find love. The show kicks off at 8 p.m. EST sharp — don’t miss it!