It isn’t a secret that “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” casts tend to seriously lack diversity, especially when it comes to finalists, and that has caused some questions to arise regarding one of this season’s remaining contestants.

On Monday’s installment, Season 23 lead Colton Underwood took Tayshia Adams on a one-on-one date where she filled him in on the alleged ill intentions of some of the other women left on the show. Her remarks about two of her co-stars not being ready for marriage, though prompted by Colton, resulted in her receiving some backlash from “Bachelor” fans.

The show drama -- which included claims stars Cassie Randolph and Caelynn Miller-Keyes were eyeing a “Bachelorette” spot -- was only intensified by reports Tayshia had a boyfriend the night prior to filming the 2019 season.

Currently, Tayshia remains one of Colton’s final four alongside Cassie, Caelynn, and fellow star Hannah Godwin. Tayshia is the only remaining contestant of color.

Following the latest episode, one “Bachelor” viewer asked spoiler blogger Reality Steve’s to comment on speculation the show may have requested that Colton “keep Tayshia” on the series “for diversity.”

“Based on what you were hearing during the filming of Colton’s season, is it pretty safe to say that the producers told Colton to keep Tayshia around for diversity?” one reader asked. “I’m not seeing or hearing anything on his end that might explain why she got as far as she did, except that it was producer influenced. The other three women in his F4 made sense from the beginning.”

“I haven’t heard anything like that,” Reality Steve replied in defense of the program.

As was noted by the longtime “The Bachelor” blogger, Tayshia and Colton have appeared to have a real connection on the show, with him taking her on several solo dates so far this season.

“We saw him specifically get alone time with her 3 different times during the Thailand episode, so he definitely was into her. Way more into her than some of the women eliminated before her,” Reality Steve continued. “So I don’t think they necessarily kept her around for diversity purposes, no.”

While Reality Steve vehemently denies Colton kept “The Bachelor” finalist on the program for diversity purposes, the thought does appear to be on some other viewers’ minds. On Twitter, there are dozens of posts regarding Tayshia and diversity.

“It’s like the WOC [women of color] on the Bachelor are used as tokens of diversity...I need to stop watching it. Like how did Colton ask Tayshia a question about who is lying but Colton ends up not liking her answer?” posted one fan in response to Monday’s episode.

“...They already have Tayshia, they’re covered on diversity. She’s gotta be friends with a producer or something,” wrote one viewer.

“This show is truly anti-Black as [expletive]. Cast a few black women, seldom they’re all kicked off & now Tayshia, the last remaining black female is made to look like a liar. Smh,” said another fan.

The next episode of “The Bachelor” will see Colton visit his final four’s hometowns ahead of fantasy suite week. Find out who gets eliminated during the hometown dates HERE.

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