• Robby Hayes has been ordered to stay 100 meters away from Jef Holm
  • Holm said his ex-roommate continues to harass him
  • Holm said he didn't want their friendship to end this way

“Bachelor Nation” alum Jef Holm has taken legal action against Robby Hayes, his former roommate, who allegedly broke several times into his home and threatened him.

Holm filed a temporary civil harassment restraining order against Hayes in a Los Angeles court on Aug. 9, preventing the accused from getting anywhere near Holm’s home and workplace. The court granted Holm’s request for protection and ordered Hayes to stay at least 100 yards away from him starting Aug. 30.

“Robert used to live at my house but does not now,” the “Bachelorette” season 8 winner stated in court documents obtained by US Magazine. “He continues to enter the premises and harass me and I do not feel safe around him. He threatens me and still hasn’t stopped to this day,” he added.

Hayes allegedly claimed he has belongings at Holm’s home that’s why he enters the place, but Holm said “he is not on the lease and is making me fearful.” Citing an incident that took place in July 2021, Holm recounted, “I was alone in my home when he entered abruptly and aggressively. Started threatening me and I felt very unsafe.”

Asked for comments about their situation, Holm said he did not want their friendship to end this way. “I’m still processing all of it, to be honest,” he told E! News. “The simple version is I invited Robby into my house that I was renting in Venice, which I am now in the process of purchasing. I allowed him to live there rent-free for years as a friend. When the living situation became hostile I asked him to leave and he refused,” he continued, adding that Hayes’ hostility went on for months, prompting him to take legal action.

Hayes starred in Jojo Fletcher’s “Bachelorette” season 12 before appearing on “Bachelor in Paradise” season 5. In 2017, he revealed in an interview with US Weekly that Holm had invited him and fellow “Bachelor Nation” alum Chase McNary to move into his Venice Beach, California home.

“It’s like the stars were aligning,” he told the outlet at the time. “You only live once, so why not go for it? We’re striking while the iron is hot,” he added.

Robby Hayes
Robby Hayes attending the Talent Resources Sports Party hosted by Martell Cognac at Playboy Headquarters in Los Angeles on July 11, 2017. Getty Images/Talent Resources Sports