Can Evan steal Amanda away from Josh? He thinks he has a chance … “Bachelor in Paradise” fans know otherwise.

Episode 3A of the ABC reality series picks up with Evan pulling Amanda aside with his own made up date card. Josh laughs, but Amanda agrees to follow him to the tree house to talk. It’s there that Evan confesses that he joined the season to meet her and that he’s been watching her “from afar.” He continues that he respects what she has with Josh, but wants to know if she could see something between them. Amanda kindly rejects him, saying that maybe if he would have said something sooner. However, she’s focusing on her relationship with Josh. Evan somehow hears that as a win, and tells the cameras that he thinks that there is still a shot for them in the future.

With a rose ceremony the following night, the guys are in panic mode knowing that two of them are going home. The women have the power this week to hand out the roses, but that doesn’t mean that everything is set in stone. There are a couple wild cards heading into the evening, and the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party can shake things up.

Daniel and Christian are fighting over Sarah, while Haley is confused about her connection with Brandon. She’s attracted to him, but a little turned off by the fact that he couldn’t tell her and Emily apart. But the real drama involves Amanda, Josh and Evan.

Evan once again steals Amanda from Josh, only this time it’s not to confess his feelings. Instead, he warns her to be careful around Josh. He didn’t read Andi Dorfman’s tell-all book, but heard that Josh is an “emotional abuser.” As a friend, he tells her that he feels responsible for making sure she’s OK.

Josh is very upset that Evan would go behind his back to talk to Amanda, especially since he never got the chance to get to know him. Amanda wants him to ignore Evan, but Josh can’t. He decides to pull Evan aside and confront him about it. He asks Evan to get to know him before judging him, and explains that he’s more of a lover than a fighter. He’s calm throughout the entire exchange, but Evan’s not buying it. He tells Josh that he think he’s putting on a front and doesn’t “feel real.”

Amanda’s definitely confused, especially since Nick takes the opportunity to tell her to be careful too. Ultimately it’s her decision though.

Lace is up first during the elimination ceremony and gives her rose to Grant. Izzy gives her rose to Vinny, and Emily gifts hers to Jared. Amanda’s up next and decides to follow her heart and give her rose to Josh. Sarah surprises Christian and gives her rose to Daniel. Carly, the wild card of the evening, saves Evan with her “platonic rose.” Haley has the final rose and shocks everyone by choosing Nick over Brandon. Brandon and Christian are sent home in episode 3A of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

The fun’s not over just because the rose ceremony is! Love is still to be found in “Paradise,” and a new bachelorette is joining the group. Caila from Ben Higgins’ season of “The Bachelor” arrives and immediately puts the other girls on edge. The guys all find her attractive, and the ladies are afraid of having their men stolen from them. That’s what happens with Emily. Caila finds herself connecting with Jared and asks him out on a date. Before he can say yes, he wants to talk to Emily. It’s awkward as Jared tries to explain that he wants to get to know Caila. Emily likes him, but tells him that if he wants to go on the date then he should. Jared doesn’t think twice.

Jared and Caila completely hit it off on their date and come back all coupled up. Emily’s still hopeful that she has a shot with Jared, but he pulls her aside later that night to break things off.

Elsewhere, Izzy and Lace land a double date — a first on “Bachelor in Paradise” — and invite Vinny and Grant. The couples have a sweet time at dinner, with Grant confessing to Lace that no one coming in could possibly catch his attention. Izzy and Vinny also reveal that they talked about being exclusive during the rest of their time in paradise.

Back at the house, Sarah and Carly decide to set up their own double date and invite Daniel and Evan over for drinks. The four of them having some light hearted fun, but Evan still thinks that he has a shot with Carly. He tries to make a move to kiss her, however, Carly quickly shuts it down.

Evan returns to his room, however, something happens that leaves him unconscious. The producers call a medic. But when Carly shows up Evan appears to be fine. The medic agrees to leave him in the room, however, Carly has to stay with him. The two end up kissing.

That’s not the only drama. While Izzy and Lace are out on their double date, a random girl at a club pours a pitcher of ice cold water on them. Lace gets that crazy look in her eyes, which worries Grant. However, she ends up keeping her cool.

It’s truly paradise in “Paradise” … but episode 3A ends with Season 2 alum Ashley making her big return.