Hello, Buenos Aires! JoJo Fletcher and the remaining eight “Bachelorette” contestants are in Argentina to continue their journey to find love. With so many relationships progressing, episode 6 of the ABC reality show is an important one for the guys — especially since there is another two-on-one date.

One-on-One Date

Wells is one of the few contestants who has not had a one-on-one date with JoJo. Fortunately, this date card has his name on it. But the date is not just important because they haven’t had alone time yet. Wells is the only guy in the house who hasn’t kissed her.

Wells drops that bombshell on the other men, and they’re pretty surprised. They also realize that if Wells doesn’t give JoJo fireworks then he’s going home. Long story short, they’re right. Wells awkwardly tries to plan the “perfect” moment while on a bizarre theatrical performance date, and eventually the two lock lips. Over dinner Wells tells JoJo that the kissed changed everything for him, and JoJo reveals the same — except in a different way. She realizes they built more of a friendship than a passionate relationship.

Group Date

Luke, Robby, Jordan, James and Alex land the group date, which means Chase and Derek are heading out on the two-on-one. This surprises Chase, who was confident with JoJo up to that point.

The guys head out to meet JoJo for an afternoon out on the town. They join in a soccer game with some locals, and afterwards have a contest to see who can get the ball past the goalie. The prize is to kiss JoJo, so obviously all of the guys want to knock it in. Robby’s so desperate he even tries to pay the goalie. In the end it’s James who gets the goal.

Although they have a carefree afternoon, things become tense later when the date rose comes out. Feeling a little insecure about where he stands in the group, James pulls JoJo aside to talk to her about Jordan. It sounds as if they got into a bit of a catfight over poker rules, and Jordan pulled the “fame” card.

JoJo doesn’t like what she hears. She pulls Jordan aside and basically says she trusts what James says. This upsets Jordan, who didn’t want to spend his one-on-one time defending himself. He’s fuming when he returns to the others and eventually calls James out. James doesn’t deny anything.

The little spat results in Luke getting the group date rose.

Two-on-One Date

It’s the dreaded two-on-one date, and the two guys are already butting heads. They learn to tango with JoJo before meeting up later that night for some alone time.

JoJo questions Chase about his feelings for her. She explains that she needs words of affirmation, and that’s not something he’s delivering. Chase promises to open up more, but is it too little too late?

Meanwhile, Derek tells JoJo that he’s falling for her — but in the end she chooses to give the rose to Chase. JoJo and Chase dance to “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” while Derek cries in the car.

The Rose Ceremony

Jordan’s nervous about where he stands ahead of the rose ceremony. He uses his time with JoJo to tell her that he’s ready to get engaged at the end. That’s what JoJo’s been waiting to hear.

Alex pulls JoJo aside after to talk about where they stand. He hasn’t had much alone time with her and expresses his concerns. James has similar worries.

Luke and Chase already have roses heading into the episode 6 ceremony. Robby gets the first rose, followed by Jordan. One rose is left, but two men remain. JoJo gives the final rose to ... no one! The “Bachelorette” star abruptly leaves the room and explains to host Chris Harrison that she can’t hand out the rose. Chris takes the rose and JoJo returns to the guys. James and Alex think that they’re both going home, but Chris surprises everyone by bringing in two roses.

JoJo’s not ready to part with either of them yet. However, Alex doesn’t necessarily see that as a good thing. He thinks JoJo gave him a pity rose.